The check scanner will take a high resolution image of the customer’s ID. Once enrolled is not necessary for customers to always have their ID. Learn MoreHaving a up-to-date customer ID on file at all times will help you survive an auditors scrutiny. Our system will maintain the records as well as check for expiration of old licenses.

Scan the barcode on the back of the Customer’s ID. This imports all of the customers information into the database without typing a single letter. Learn MoreThe easier it is to enter the information, the greater the likelihood it will be there when you need it. Stay compliant and confident when using CheckWare.

Take a photo of the customer using our high resolution camera with face detection. Verifying repeat customers becomes very easy using this feature. Learn MoreHaving a customer photo on file helps with creating a police report and retrieving customer profiles during an audit.

Type in the customers telephone number. This is all done with the on screen keypad provided with our touchscreen software.

Link a barcoded keytag with your company logo to the customer record. This feature will make retrieving customer records instantaneous. Learn MoreKeytags are an optional upgrade. These tags will make record keeping a breeze. Fast paced retail stores cashing checks need every advantage when it comes to saving time.

The scanner will read the MICR line, endorse the back of the check, take a two-sided scan of the check and verify the routing number and issuer. Learn MoreThe Magtek is the heart of the operation. With a single pass through the scanner, just about everything you need to capture is handled by the Magtek. It will also be ready for electronic transfer directly to the bank, if you chose our Remote Deposit option.

Enter the check amount. The system will automatically alert you of necessary CTR report filing, OFAC list hits, and bad customer or issuer info.

The system will automatically apply your fee schedule and display the amount to be paid to the customer. Learn MoreRest easy knowing anyone of your employees can use our system. Everything is handled by the software. Truly "One Scan and You're Done.