My bank no longer wants to accept checks from my business, can you assist with a banking relationship?

Yes. CheckWare Systems specializes in Check21 \ RDC (remote deposit banking). We have established relationships with many MSB friendly banking institutions across the nation. Through our partners, we can help you find the right fit for your business. Small volume, large volume, multi-bank \ secondary bank, business to business checks, low cost check transport fees, let CheckWare Systems assist in growing your check cashing business. Contact us today

Can I supply my own computer?

Yes. You can purchase your own new computer or use a system you already have, so long as it meets the requirements listed at the bottom of this page. Our Professional package includes all the peripheral hardware needed to run the CheckWare software. When supplying your own system there will be an Operating System configuration charge of $350.

Can I use any check scanner I want?

No. A Magtek STX check scanner is a requirement for using the check cashing check cashing software.

How do I get a system?

1. Contact our sales department via our website.

Can I use the system without a touch screen?

Yes. Not efficiently. We do not support external keyboards. If you still choose to go without the touchscreen, any glitches or errors that occur, as a result of the keyboard, will not be resolved by our support team.

What do I do if it breaks?

1. All 3 of our CheckWare Software Products included a standard 1yr manufacturer warranty on hardware. Systems are automatically backed up daily as long as they are on and connected to the internet (system must be left on after hours to do the update and backup). Call our support team and request a replacement.

2. Purchase an extended warranty and receive 3yrs of product protection.
*For License Questions, Support and Training call 844.243.2592 x1.

What do I do about Federal and State Compliance?

CheckWare Systems Software is compliant with Federal and State reporting Regulations right now. Just use the system as designed and all of your reporting requirements are handled through BackOffice. Under the Support/Software Licensing Agreement all updates to compliance requirements and new releases of software are free of charge. As long as you remain under the licensing contract, everything is handled for you.

Can you help me if I get “audited”?

Yes. Audit Support is built into the Licensing and Support Agreement. When the State or Federal Government notifies you of an audit, notify CheckWare Systems Support Team. We will supply you with the necessary compliance report in CSV format as well as all check images. Note that you must have collected the information for us to provide the reports.

What if I sell my business?  Will you give me my records?

Yes. Unlike other systems you own all of your data. Even if you decide to stop the Support/Licensing agreement, you can still access all of your data through the BackOffice program.

Do you support RDC (Check21™)?

Yes. The Checkware Software Suite supports several ways of doing RDC (Check21). Contact us via phone or email for more details.

Can I run other applications on your system?

Yes, providing you order the hardware from CheckWare Systems Software “Open”. CheckWare Turnkey Systems can be shipped opened or locked.  Open Systems can add other applications.  Closed Systems can be configured to run Check Cashing, Check21™ (RDC), “Pay All Bills Here” (touch Screen Version), Prepaid/Payroll Debit Cards and CheckWare Systems Software Reports. Open systems can add other applications but those applications will not be the responsibility of CheckWare Systems Software. Open systems do not come with Anti-Virus Software.

If my business requires more than 1 system do I have to pay a license fee for each installation?

No. The Monthly Support/Licensing fee of $119 includes a 3 installation license fee ($69) the other $50 is for the support\backup fee. Each system running CheckWare software is billed the support\backup fee of $50 independent of how many licenses your location requires.

System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements:

1. A CheckWare WorkStation or
2. A new Windows 10 Pro\Home TouchScreen all-in-one, i3 processor or better, 500 gb harddrive, 8 gb memory, 5 USB 2.0 or better ports
3. 900va Universal Power Supply.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 7 32/64 bit Business\Home , touchscreen monitor, 100gb free space on hard drive, 1.86ghz processor, 4 gb memory, 4 available USB 2.0