How It Works

ID scan

Step 1 – Swipe ID

The check scanner will take a high resolution image of the customer’s ID.  Once enrolled it is not necessary for customers to always have their ID.

POS barcode technology

Step 2 – Scan ID

Scan the barcode on the back of the Customer’s ID.  This imports all of the customers information into the database without typing a single letter.

Step 3 – Photo

Take a photo of the customer using our high resolution camera with face detection.  Verifying repeat customers becomes very easy using this feature.

Step 4 – Phone #

Type in the customers telephone number.  This is all done with the on screen keypad provided with our touchscreen software.

Step 5 – Keytag

Link a barcoded keytag with your company logo to the customer record.  This feature will make retrieving customer records instantaneous.

Step 6 – Scan Check

The scanner will read the MICR line, endorse the back of the check, take a two-sided scan of the check and verify the routing number and issuer.

Step 7 – Amount

Enter the check amount. The system will automatically alert you of necessary CTR report filing, OFAC list hits, and bad customer or issuer info.

touch screen software

Step 8 – Payment

Pay the customer.  The system will automatically  apply your fee schedule and display the amount to be paid to the customer.

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