Introducing the next generation Checkware Workstation

Checkware Workstation was to designed as an easy to use, all in one check cashing system that does not require technical expertise or prior experience with check cashing software.

It will outperform the competition

Checkware Workstation was to designed as an easy to use, all in one check cashing system that does not require technical expertise or prior experience with check cashing software.

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It’s super easy to use

Checkware Workstation was to designed as an easy to use, all in one check cashing system that does not require technical expertise or prior experience with check cashing software.

Our support team is always there for you

We have a dedicated support team who will log onto the workstation remotely and provide tech support. Plus we offer remote training at no extra cost and provide a free rental system should your unit ever breakdown.

Only the best hardware

A menu driven, touchscreen software package that guides you through each and every process, virtually eliminating mistakes. Our knowledgeable and dedicated training team will teach you and your staff exactly how to use the system.

FrontCounter is intuitive and works via touch

FrontCounter allows your employees to easily enroll customers who wish to cash checks and quickly cash their checks while maintaining Federal and State compliance. The software is designed so that anybody can use it, regardless of experience.

A difficult task made easy.

Our touchscreen based software is easy to learn yet incredibly powerful.

BackOffice keeps your accounting in order

BackOffice allows business owners to keep track of their business. Take out the guess work with a full reporting suite, available to you with just a few mouse clicks. Look at deposit reports, CTR filing reports, and a slew of business reports.

Samsung Touchscreen PC

The sleek slim line design and touchscreen feature saves counter space. The system uses Intel’s newest quad-core technology, improving performance and reliability. The system comes pre-configured so that all you have to do is plug it in and start training.

Magtek STX Check Scanner

The Magtek is a proven market leader in the check cashing industry. The unit will scan, endorse, record, all necessary information in just one pass through the scanner. Using the Magtek and our software you can cash checks all day, reconcile your cash drawer and deposit the checks to the bank, eliminating the redundancy that some other systems require to finish these tasks.

Logitech Hi-Res Camera

A high resolution 5 MP camera with auto face detect and zoom. This camera will record a high quality color photo of customers. These photos are used by our system for you to quickly identify repeat customers or to create detailed police reports about fraudulent checks.

Honeywell Barcode Scanner

Most states have or will be moving to the Real ID standard. Our software is already compliant with these new standards. The barcode scanner will instantly read a customers ID and import all of the necessary information without you or employees having to type a single word. This device singlehandedly eliminates 100% of user error when enrolling new customers.

Speed like no other

Combing top notch hardware with vigorously tested software produces a system that will out perform any thing out on the market today. Customer Enrollment takes less than 30 seconds with the latest 2D UPC Barcode technology gathering customer info is instantaneous. We achieve real-time check cashing by simplifying the process to a few button pushes on the Samsung touchscreen. Our system is designed with a local database, not like other systems that rely on remote server and slow internet response, greatly improving performance. Putting our system over the top, we offer optional RFID or UPC Keytag technology, customer record retrieval becomes virtually instant.

Easy to learn

Our full-time support and training team will train staff until they are comfortable using the software, as well as provide on-going support and training. Easy to follow tutorials are also available online through our software. We have implemented a touchscreen design to make use as familiar and simple as possible. By eliminating the keyboard and mouse, mistakes are virtually non-existent. Our drivers license scanning technology will allow you to input customer information automatically simply by scanning the barcode on the back of a drivers license or state issued ID.

Automated Backup

Our software provides data protection by automated daily backups, of current data, to a secure remote server, as required by state and federal compliance law. As part of the back up, the software will automatically check for any system or compliance updates and installs them on your machine. Rest easy knowing that all of your system data, check images, customer photos, and ID scans are protected in case of a catastrophic system failure.

MSB Compliance

Our software exceeds Federal and State Compliance Regulations. The software was designed to be changed easily, this allows us to update the software to comply with the ever changing MSB regulations. Included in your support and licensing agreement, we provide full audit assistance. Report and image packages can be provided to you, your independent auditor, or government inspectors at no additional charge.

Saves time

One scan and you’re done! Daily reports are easily generated from BackOffice. You can view cash drawer reconciliation, daily deposits, check fees collected, and many more. We automatically maintain the $1000 check log just by you simply entering your checks in the system. By taking the Remote Deposit feature, you can eliminate timely trips to the bank as well as get a quicker return on your cash outlay.

Protection from fines

Fully compliant CSV reports with all government required data fields supplied. Third party conductor (business checks) are easily monitored for appropriate compliance requirements. The software maintains an OFAC log of all transactions. View suspicious or criminal activity reports, all by just running a few simple reports.

Grow your business

Customization will allow you to run your business how you like. We provide the tools to help make your business efficient, time is money! Full reporting suite allows you to sort and view checks cashed from individuals, businesses, time period, basically any variation you can possibly think of. The remote deposit feature will lowers turnover time on cash, giving you a distinct advantage over the competition.

Peace of mind

Customization allow you to control what your employees have access to and what they don’t. Know that your employees are collecting proper check fees with our automatic fee calculator. MICR line verification and routing number validation cuts down on check fraud. The software provides automatic backups and system updates, know you’re protected with Checkware.