I’ve been in the check cashing business for about 30 years now, A few years back the government started regulating our business and it just got worse and worse, so much to do and lots of paper work. We had to keep track of every check.
Henry Abutineh
B-Kwik Market - Owner
As a store clerk I have used a lot of different computer systems. The Checkware Workstation is very simple to use, it is practically impossible to make a mistake. I really like the touchscreen feature of this check cashing system.
Travis Patch
Industrial Ave Market - Clerk
The system is very user friendly. It helps to eliminate mistakes. It has helped us grow our customer base and save us money. The support is fantastic, we always get immediate attention and quick problem resolution.
Anthony Elias
4 Points Market - Manager
Ever since we got the Checkware System my life has been so much easier. I can enroll a customer and cash checks very fast, not like before. We were having trouble keeping our lines moving quickly when we were busy and cashing checks. Now with the system we can cash checks fast and take care of all of our customers quickly. This makes my boss and our customers happy.
Joaquina Avila
Kwik Stop 942 - Clerk